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Basic Personal Injury case categories

What Types Of Injuries Do Personal Injury Lawyers Take?


Types of Injuries a Personal Injury Lawyer Represents

If you’ve been injured at no fault of your own, you may be wondering if your case qualifies for a personal injury lawsuit. Whether you received injuries from a car accident or a surgical procedure, medical bills can quickly pile up and pain may keep you from being able to work and earn a living. Before you can file a lawsuit, you first need a personal injury lawyer to represent you. It’s important to ensure that the lawyer will be willing to represent your type of case in court.

So, what types of injuries do personal injury lawyers take? Personal injury lawyers will represent any injury as long as you believe that the injury you received was someone else’s fault and they should be held legally responsible. If you received an injury due to someone else’s negligence, then you have a good chance of winning a personal injury lawsuit. 

While personal injury lawsuits are tedious and can stretch on for years, they are necessary for getting you the compensation you need. One of the biggest factors that determine the outcome of your case in the personal injury lawyer you hire. Keep reading to learn more about personal injury lawyers and how to choose the best one for your type of injury.

Common Injuries Represented in Personal Injury Cases

While just about any injury can be represented in court, there are a few common injuries that most personal injury lawyers will be familiar dealing with. Here is a list of the most common types of personal injury cases:

Any of these events can be traumatic and cause serious injury or even death. Whether you were injured or a member of your family was injured or killed, you deserve the compensation you need to continue after the accident. Keep reading to get a more in-depth look at these types of injuries.

Automobile Accident Injury


The most common injury usually represented in a personal injury case is an injury acquired from a car accident. There are over 6,400 car accidents that happen per day in the United States, and many result in injury or even death. Many car accidents are due to the negligence of one of the drivers involved, which qualifies you for a personal injury case.

When representing automobile accident cases, personal injury lawyers will review police reports and damage done to the vehicles as well as to depose witnesses to get a better understanding of what happened and to build a good case. 

Tractor-Trailer Accident Injury

While tractor-trailers fall under the “automobile” category, these cases are different compared to automobile accident cases. Firstly, accidents, where a tractor-trailer is involved, have a much greater percentage of fatal injuries. 

Secondly, the trucking industry has many regulations truckers must follow; if an accident occurs, a thorough investigation will be done to see if these regulations were being followed.

Animal Bite Injury

Not only can receiving an animal bite be traumatic, but it can also pass deadly diseases from the animal to the person it bit. By filing an animal bite lawsuit, you could also save countless others from being bit by the same animal. Usually, if a dog is willing to bite one person, it will bite many more. 

Premises Liability Injury

Premises liability injuries are injuries received on the premises of someone else’s property. These can happen both on private property and public property. Premises liability injuries are usually caused by the negligence of the property owners or managers.

If you walk into a retail store and the floor was just mopped yet no “wet floor” signs are out and you manage to slip and hurt yourself, you are completely justified in filing a personal injury lawsuit. It’s important to be aware of these things if you receive an injury on someone else’s property.

Nursing Home Abuses

Abuses at nursing homes are largely overlooked since the patients inside rarely ever have a voice to communicate what is being done to them. Sadly, there are many mistreated elderly throughout the world. 

A personal injury lawyer can give victims a voice by representing them in a nursing home abuse case. These abuses can range from employees purposely inflicting pain on the patients to refusing to take them to a bathroom or change them out of soiled clothes. 

Wrongful Death

If you’ve experienced a wrongful death in your family, it can be traumatic. You can file a wrongful death lawsuit if you believe your loved own died due to someone else’s negligence. Whether the negligence was by a person or a business being reckless or careless that resulted in a death, justice needs to be served.

Wrongful death cases can be the result of a car accident, a medical procedure, or even something that happened at work. No one can prepare you for a wrongful death; while compensation can’t bring your loved one back, it can help to ease the burden and ensure the party responsible can’t hurt anyone else. 

How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Case

Having the right lawyer can make or break your personal injury case. Your lawyer will be your voice and your representation in front of a jury and a judge; you want to ensure you have someone who can adequately represent you and your side of the story. Here are some tips for hiring the right attorney for your specific injury:

Pick A Lawyer Who Has Experience Representing Your Injury

As you start looking for a lawyer, choose to pursue ones that have experience representing your type of injury. In some personal injury cases, the lawyer will have to investigate car accidents and research tractor-trailer regulations that may or may not have been broken. It’s important to choose a lawyer who has experience navigating through the investigations and communicating with other people involved in the accident.

Pick a Lawyer Based on Their History of Winning Cases

Before you pick your personal injury lawyer, find out how most of their cases end. Does the lawyer always settle? Or do some of their cases go to court? Has the lawyer managed to win any of their clients’ compensation? 

Your lawyer must have a proven track record. If a lawyer seems to settle every case, it may mean that they’re just trying to get the case over with as soon as possible. It’s important to feel as if your lawyer has your best interest in mind and will be willing to take the case to court if need be.

How Are Lawyer Fees Charged?

Personal injury lawyers work differently in the fact that some of them don’t charge a fee unless they manage to win you compensation. It’s important to check with your lawyer how fees will be charged before you decide to sign any paperwork. The last thing you want is to have to pay fees that you didn’t think you would have to pay until after your case is won.

Who Will Be Working On Your Case?

One question to ask a lawyer you’re interested in is who will be working on your case? Lawyers usually have teams that help them find documents and do investigations. Sometimes, the plaintiff will find that they rarely talk to their own attorney; rather, they have to communicate through someone else on the team.

If you’re someone who desires a lawyer who you’ll get much face time with, this is something to know before you decide on who you are going to hire. Being able to talk to your attorney can help you feel heard and make you confident in their abilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

When Should I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

While no one wants to go through a personal injury lawsuit, they are necessary when insurance claims cannot be settled. A personal injury lawsuit is filed only after the insurance company could not reach a settlement on your personal injury claim. 

Insurance companies are notoriously known to be difficult to deal with when it comes to getting the money you deserve. If for some reason, you cannot come to an agreement with the insurance company on the money owed to you, then you would file a lawsuit.

If you’ve been injured at no fault of your own, call and make your insurance claim as soon as possible. Keep records of medical bills and other expenses that are a result of the injury, as this will act as proof of what is owed to you. If you need assistance, you can contact us here.

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