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In many industries, it is common for salespeople to be paid a lower base salary (or no salary at all) in exchange for lucrative commissions on sales of products and services. This can be a powerful incentive for employees to put in extra effort and work hard to finalize a sale. The system only works, however, when employees can depend on full and fair commission pay for the business they bring to their employers.If you are employed as a salesperson or manufacturer’s representative and believe your employer owes you a commission, we want to help you understand your rights under the law and, more importantly, obtain the wages you have rightly earned. Hornsby, Watson & Hornsby has emerged as one of the most experienced firms in Alabama for handling cases involving unpaid commission and manufacturer’s representatives for salespeople in the automotive, aerospace and other industries. Our attorneys understand that it can seem like a risk to pursue any type of legal action against your employer. We are committed to guiding you through the complexities of the process and helping you obtain your sales commission compensation.


Under the Alabama Sales Representative’s Contract Act, businesses are required to pay Sales Representatives and Manufacturer’s Representatives fair commission based on the terms of a commission contract. If the employee representative is not under a contract, the employer must pay commission based on company customs or the customs of the industry. Additionally, employees must be paid their full commission within 30 days of the termination of the relationship.

Employers who fail to follow the law are liable for three times the amount of commission that should have been paid, in addition to attorney’s fees and court costs. Our sales commission compensation attorneys work to resolve these cases through settlement whenever possible, but frequently we will prepare a commission dispute case to take it to court to ensure our clients get fair pay for the work they have performed.


If you are involved in a sales commission dispute, arrange a free, confidential and no-obligation case evaluation with our Huntsville lawyers handling sales commission compensation by calling 256-469-3523, toll free 866-315-4317, or email our office directly. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.


Our attorneys are proud of the accomplishments and results we have obtained over more than a century of combined experience. We are equally proud of the individualized, attentive approach we have with each of our clients — beginning when they meet with us for the first time in a private, no-cost and no-obligation consultation.
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