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Truck Accidents in the US

How Trucking Has Become One Of The Most Dangerous US Jobs When It Comes To Auto Accidents

Truck drivers don’t get a lot of credit, but they should when thinking about how their job is listed as one of the top dangerous jobs in the United States. This is a job that not just anyone can do. It is a job that only those brave enough are able to do. If you find yourself in an accident as a truck driver, make sure to contact the Huntsville trucking accident lawyers that can help you.

Truck driver fatalities are on the rise. With more truck drivers injured on the job than any other occupation, it seems to be quite the dangerous thing to do. With a rate increasing over 17%, truck drivers are becoming more cautious while out on the road. The fatality rate for these truck drivers is almost 25 per 100,000 drivers on the road. This is a big number!

Why Do These Accidents Happen?

These accidents happen because of a variety of reasons. These truckers have to go long distances and drive for a long time, which might attribute to drowsiness while driving and poor reaction time. Not only that, but they’re driving around with 40 tons, which is a lot of weight to control. One wrong move and they could accidentally hit someone else.

Sometimes the trucks are poorly maintained, which means that they have a slower braking time and they may have parts that are worn out and not able to perform as they should. This leads to poor traction and worse off driving on the roads. It is also why companies are strongly urged and required to maintain their vehicles at all times.

These accidents happen all the time and they can be prevented with simple fixes. Make sure that you are taking care if you’re a truck driver and trying to minimize any damages that might happen because of the trucker being on the road. This can cause problems not only for the truck driver, but for the others that are also driving on the road. You don’t want to risk putting their lives in danger if the rig you’re driving is not in the best shape it should be in.

What to Do if You’re in an Accident

If you’re in an accident, you need to speak with someone that knows what to do and who to go after. Not only that, but if the problem is one that has left you severely hurt then something has to be done about it and someone should be made to pay. Never have to worry about not knowing where to turn when you have a Huntsville truck accident attorney on your side.

Invest In A Huntsville Trucking Accident Attorney

Tractor trailer accidents happen, make sure you’re covered with the right attorneys for the job. Speak with the professionals at Hornsby and Watson. We can provide more information regarding the accident that you had and the options that you have to fix the situation. Everyone is welcome to have a consult and work something out. Call our office today or learn more about our Huntsville tractor-trailer accident lawyers.

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