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Construction Accident Injuries

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A part of the University of South Alabama was recently undergoing construction. The university was in the process of building a new football practice facility—the Jaguar Training Center—for its football team. However, several news outlets have recently reported that the construction project has taken a substantial step back. What had already been constructed as part of the new project recently collapsed. Luckily, nobody was hurt during the collapse. However, that is not necessarily always the case in construction accidents, which often result in severe injuries and death.

Construction Accidents

Some say that “the road to success is always under construction.”

As such, construction projects to build new arenas, libraries, skyscrapers, hospitals, transportation facilities, and more can bring joy to people. However, there is a lot that goes into constructing a new structure or even updating an existing structure.

Most of the effort that is required to complete a construction project includes human work. Although various equipment and technologies can assist in the construction project, humans still play a large part. Human work, however, can unfortunately sometimes lead to human injuries or worse. Construction accidents can come in many forms, including human falls, injuries by falling objects, injuries by equipment, explosions, collapses, like what happened with the Jaguar Training Center, or anything in between. Such incidents can lead to broken bones, internal body damage, emotional/psychological injuries, or more. Some injuries are slight and do not create long-term effects, while other injuries are substantial and can affect the remainder of a person’s life. Whether slight or substantial, the bottom line is that if you or a loved have been injured due to a construction site accident, you will want to file a construction accident claim to get appropriate relief for your pain.

Possible Claims

After you or a loved one have been injured, and after you have sought medical attention, you and your construction injury attorney will of course want to determine the best claims to bring against those who are responsible for your injuries.

Most injuries that occur on construction sites are subject to workers’ compensation laws. With some exceptions, an employer is required by Alabama law to carry workers’ compensation coverage. Your construction injury attorney can help you determine if workers’ compensation applies in your case and can then help you in obtaining the benefits and relief that you deserve.

In other instances, however, there might be additional or alternative avenues for you to recover compensation. For example, there could be negligence or even product liability claims to pursue. Determining what claims to bring, however, requires a fact-intensive investigation into your or your loved one’s specific accident.

Need Legal Advice?

Every construction project is different, every construction site is different, and every construction accident is different. Although nobody wants injuries to occur during construction projects, they still sometimes happen. If you or a loved one have been injured, you will want to make sure to get an attorney involved to get the relief that you deserve. The experienced construction accident attorneys at Hornsby Watson & Hornsby are ready to help you analyze your case and get you the relief that you deserve. Contact us today.


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