Tips for Avoiding Wrecks/Collisions in Huntsville During the Holidays

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While the holiday season brings its share of good times and festive occasions, it can also be a more dangerous time for driving. At the very minimum, the change of season brings shorter hours of sunshine and, as we all know, night-time driving is more hazardous.

We here at Hornsby, Watson & Hornsby wish everyone the best during the holidays and during the winter months. Here are a few tips for being safe if you are coming to visit the Space and Rocket Center or traveling the roads of Madison County.

Avoiding Car Accidents in Huntsville: Reasons for More Accidents During Winter Months

It may seem obvious, but really, it cannot be said enough times: Extra caution is needed on the roads during the holidays and winter months. There are many reasons for this:

  • Stress of the holidays creates more distractions: Preoccupied drivers may not pay full attention to the roads and traffic.
  • Hurrying for the holidays causes dangerous driving: Holiday shopping, getting to and from parties and family gatherings, hurrying to finish preparations, driving too fast because you started out late, or rushing to get to the airport on time all lead to drivers driving a bit less safe than usual.
  • Less daylight makes driving more hazardous: December 21 is the shortest day of the year and, as such, there is less daylight, leading to more accidents.
  • New Year’s Eve and the Superbowl and other “football” weekends are drinking holidays: While many may only have a beer or a glass of champagne or two, many others fully partake. Studies show that drunk driving spikes during the holidays and during the “football” weekends.
  • Bad weather makes the roads wet and/or icy.
  • More traffic increases the number of wrecks: Traffic spikes in the summer and then again around the holidays.

Avoiding Car Accidents in Huntsville: Spotting Distracted, Drunk or Dangerous Drivers

As you are driving during the holidays and winter months, be more cautious and more defensive as a driver. Giving yourself more distance between your vehicle and those ahead of you will help on wet and icy roads. Likewise, be as watchful as you can and watch for these signs of dangerous drivers on the road:

  • Drivers veering right and left, not staying in their lanes
  • Speeders and those weaving in and out of lanes — these behaviors are particularly dangerous during inclement weather
  • Failure to use turn signals
  • Failure to come to full stops at lights and stop signs
  • No lights on at night
  • Taking “bad” turns and coming too close to other cars and objects on the roadAll of these and other signs are clear signals to avoid these drivers and these vehicles. By being more defensive on the road and more watchful, wrecks and crashes can be avoided. If a wreck DOES occur, there is an additional advantage to your extra focus during the winter months: You are in a better position to testify about what happened. You can tell the jury: “Because it was winter time, I was paying close attention ….”

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